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The Best Tank and Trailers for Your Business

We provide high-quality tank and trailer equipment for any needs you may have. Our products meet the highest standards in the industry to ensure your satisfaction. With our worldwide delivery service, you can get the equipment you need no matter where you are.

Some Tank & Trailers

Experience the Best in Tank and Trailer Manufacturing

Tank and trailer equipment refers to a diverse range of vehicles and machinery designed for transporting liquids, gases, and bulk materials. Here's an overview of the different types of tank and trailer equipment:

1. Tank Trucks:

   - Tank trucks, also known as tanker trucks or fuel trucks, are vehicles equipped with tanks for transporting liquids such as water, petroleum products, chemicals, and food-grade substances.
   - They come in various sizes and configurations, including single compartment, multi-compartment, and specialized tanks for specific liquids.
   - Tank trucks are commonly used in industries such as petroleum, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing for delivering bulk liquids to customers or distribution centers.

2. Tank Trailers:

   - Tank trailers are similar to tank trucks but are designed to be towed by a tractor or semi-truck.
   - They are available in different types, including liquid tank trailers, dry bulk tank trailers, pneumatic tank trailers, and vacuum tank trailers, each tailored for specific applications and materials.
   - Tank trailers are commonly used for transporting liquids such as water, milk, fuel, chemicals, and hazardous materials over long distances.

3. Vacuum Tank Trucks:

   - Vacuum tank trucks are specialized vehicles equipped with vacuum pumps for suctioning and transporting liquids, sludges, and solids.
   - They are commonly used for cleaning and maintaining septic systems, grease traps, sewage lines, industrial tanks, and environmental cleanup operations.
   - Vacuum tank trucks play a vital role in waste management, sanitation, and environmental remediation projects.

4. Bulk Tank Containers:

   - Bulk tank containers are ISO-standardized containers used for transporting liquids and gases in intermodal freight transport.
   - They are typically constructed of stainless steel or carbon steel and feature insulation and heating/cooling systems for temperature-sensitive cargoes.
   - Bulk tank containers are widely used in international shipping and logistics for transporting chemicals, food products, pharmaceuticals, and other bulk commodities.

5. Trailer-mounted Tanks:

   - Trailer-mounted tanks are portable tanks mounted on trailers for temporary or mobile storage and transportation of liquids and bulk materials.
   - They are commonly used in construction, agriculture, oil and gas exploration, firefighting, and emergency response applications.

Oconnor_Electro Group offers a wide selection of tank and trailer equipment, including tank trucks, trailers, vacuum tank trucks, bulk tank containers, and trailer-mounted tanks. Our products are built to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety, meeting the diverse needs of industries such as transportation, logistics, construction, and environmental services.

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