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Dream Box 40HC

Dream Box 40 HC

Dream Box 12 Meters : 30 m2
* 12.03 m x 2.34 m, Net Ceiling Height 2.70 m
* 1 or 2 Bedrooms – 1 Bathroom – Open Kitchen Living Room

Standard Equipment:

HEAT AND SOUND INSULATION: 4 cm Polyurethane Foam Decking is used on all walls, floor, ceiling and intermediate partitions.

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR  FACADE PAINT: Exterior facade 2 layers of JOTUN brand primer 2 layers of JOTUN marine paint are applied and have UV refractive properties. The interior is painted with JOTUN primer and 2 coats of paint.

LAMINATE FLOORING / CERAMIC: Waterproof and shockproof 7-8 mm ÇAMSAN – AGT – VARIO brand parquet or ceramic tiles including Vat of $150  per m2 unit prices can be used.

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Complete fireproof HALOGEN FREE cable is used in our electrical installation. All sockets and switches are used in the VIKO brand Karre series. The entire fuse panel is Siemens brand, sockets fuse 25 Amps, lighting fixtures 10 Amps, Siemens brand current protector, Siemens brand leakage current Relay are used. 1 TV infrastructure is being prepared.

KITCHEN AND BEDROOM: Kitchen 1. class mdf carcass and lacquered veneer cover were used. Kitchen countertops Solid wood countertops made of oak with a thickness of 40 mm are applied.40 cm chrome Teka Kitchen sink and faucet are used. Bedroom 1 measures 160×200. six 4-drawer bed bases are made with class MDF material.

SLIDING GLASS DOORS: The outer windows are completely fog glass is guaranteed for 10 years. Egepen Deceuninck insulated and insulated series were used in PVC window systems. All windows have double sliding comfort system and castle lock mechanism. there are 2 pieces of 200×220 in 9 and 12 meter long products, 1 piece of 200×220 double sliding and 90×220 single wing doors in 6 meter long products.

INTERIOR LIGHTING: Bathroom 2 led spotlights, living room and kitchen 6 Led spotlights, bedroom 2 led spotlights are used.

INTERIOR DOORS: Matte white 80×210 Lacquer door is applied.2 pieces are used for 9 and 12 meter products and 1 piece is used for 6 meter products.

EXTERNAL LIGHTING: 40 and 30 HC products have 4 front wall sconces, 2 rear wall sconces are applied.20 HC products have 2 front wall sconces and 1 back wall sconce

AIR CONDITIONING LINES: Air conditioning infrastructure is being prepared for the living room and bedroom.

PLUMBING AND SANITARY WARE GROUP: In the bathrooms, the reservoir toilet bowl, the bathroom sink are left to the customer’s preference over the countertop or recessed. The bathroom floor and the entire shower area are covered with ceramic tiles, the other walls are covered with water- and moisture-resistant drywall. Shower system is included. All products are VITRA brand. The electrical and plumbing lines for the instantaneous water heater in the bathroom are left ready.

EXTERNAL ELECTRICITY – WATER LINE: 1 rain-protected socket with a lid and 1 fountain line are left ready for use on the exterior facade.

Layout Plans

Dream Box 40 HC

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