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Laser Technology

Products find diverse applications across various industries, including the pipe industry, food and beverage sector, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, wire and cable manufacturing, PCB circuit board production, mobile phone components, and electronic parts, among others.

Amindus Consulting and Solutions offers a comprehensive range of laser equipment for your project needs.

CO2 laser

The CO2 laser marking and coding machine presents a highly integrated, compact design that is user-friendly and cost-effective to operate and maintain. It is adept not only for straightforward marking and coding tasks in industries such as carton, food, and pharmaceuticals but also excels in the beverage sector for imprinting production dates, demonstrating its optimization for this industry.

Portable Fiber Laser Printer

Laser marking machine is a device that marks various materials with a laser beam. The marking effect is the evaporation of the surface material to reveal the deep material, thus carving beautiful patterns, trademarks and words.

Fiber Laser Printer.png

Fiber laser marking & coding machines are designed to meet the needs of manufacturers who mark codes and other information on robust, high-density materials such as metals and plastics.

Fiber laser marking, also known as Solid-State Laser (SSL), operates by delivering a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers, 10 times shorter than that generated by a CO2 laser. Due to this much smaller focal distance, the intensity of fiber laser system is almost 100 times higher than CO2 systems with a similar power output, making fiber lasers ideal for coding on high-density packaging materials such as metal and plastics. Industries with demanding production schedules and increasing throughput expectations — like beverage, extrusion, and pharmaceuticals — need lasers that can keep pace and provide the appropriate level of contrast. Compared to traditional CO2 laser sources, fiber lasers can achieve better mark contrast at faster speeds.

Cabinet Fiber Laser Printer

Printing permanent, high-contrast logos on metal accessories, electrical products, hardware tools, and commonly used hard plastics such as PE, PP, and PS is highly effective for ensuring product traceability. Additionally, marking on non-metal materials often yields cleaner results compared to CO2 laser marking.

UV Laser Printer

The pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetic industries can utilize UV laser marking & coding machines to deter tampering and counterfeiting, helping to ensure lifetime brand protection and traceability.

Amindus Consulting and Solutions is a global supplier of UV laser marking systems to provide permanent, high-grade readable codes regardless of product positioning to help consistently meet code quality requirements for optimal supply chain and vision system readability.

Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Hand-held laser welding machine, hand-held welding, no need for welder experience, simple training for ordinary people to operate, no programming, no teaching, skilled welding, fast speed, beautiful welds, firm, no consumables. It is very suitable for sheet metal, doors and windows, advertising words and other industries. At the same time, it is very suitable for large work pieces, outdoor and scattered welding occasions.

Handle Fiber Laser

Convenient and lightweight, it can be easily marked in various working conditions. High-speed scanning galvanometer, small size, fast speed and accurate positioning. The laser has a long service life and is maintenance-free. Integrated structure of the whole machine, small and compact, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, what you see is what you get, and the operation is simple and easy to use.


This machine is suitable for sealing plastic film bag, making bag and inkjet printing, applied to food, medicine, chemical industry, daily use, agriculture and other industries. The best sealing and coding equipment for batch products packaging in factories and stores.

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