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  • Electrical transformers are essential devices used to transfer electrical energy between circuits by electromagnetic induction. They play a crucial role in electrical power systems, enabling the efficient transmission and distribution of electricity at different voltage levels.


  • The primary function of an electrical transformer is to step up or step down the voltage of alternating current (AC) electricity. It consists of two or more coils of wire, known as windings, which are electrically insulated from each other. The winding connected to the power source is called the primary winding, while the winding connected to the load or electrical system is called the secondary winding.


  • When an AC current flows through the primary winding, it creates a magnetic field that induces a voltage in the secondary winding. The ratio of the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings determines the voltage transformation ratio. By adjusting the number of turns in each winding, transformers can increase (step up) or decrease (step down) voltage levels to match the requirements of various applications.


  • Transformers are widely used in electrical power distribution systems, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential applications. They provide voltage regulation, isolation, and impedance matching, ensuring efficient and safe transmission of electricity. Transformers also play a crucial role in reducing losses and improving power quality in electrical grids.


At Oconnor_Electro Group, we offer a range of electrical transformers to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We provide various types and sizes of transformers, including distribution transformers, power transformers, and special-purpose transformers. Our transformers are designed and manufactured to international standards, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety.


Contact us to discuss your electrical transformer requirements, and our experienced team will assist you in finding the right transformer solution for your specific application.

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